An “Ace” of a Cake!

 Sometimes you have an idea for a cake long before an occasion calls for it. That’s exactly what happened when I stumbled across a tutorial for a golf bag cake on the Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School website. I had to wait almost an entire year until a very special birthday was being celebrated. My father… my lovely, hard working, tough-but-lovable father celebrated a milestone birthday. He turned 75 this year, although you would never know it to be true. My always-helpful father single-handedly carried a stand-up freezer down the stairs to my basement last year, begging my husband and I to “just let go” as we were obviously being more of a nuisance than help. I knew I had to do something extra special and since my father is an avid golfer, I knew this bag was the perfect choice.

His favourite cake is black forest and although it’s one of my go-to’s as well, it doesn’t really hold up underneath the weight of  fondant. I used my favourite chocolate cake, doused it with a healthy amount of kirsch and layered it with macerated cherries and vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream. Rich and decadent… just what I was going for.

This cake was so much fun to execute and wasn’t as difficult as I had anticipated. Anytime I get to break out the power tools, I’m a happy camper, so I consider this one a win all-around. Of course, the only thing that mattered is that the birthday boy was happy.

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