An “Ace” of a Cake!

 Sometimes you have an idea for a cake long before an occasion calls for it. That’s exactly what happened when I stumbled across a tutorial for a golf bag cake on the Paul Bradford Sugarcraft School website. I had to wait almost an entire year until a very special birthday was being celebrated. My father… my lovely, hard working, tough-but-lovable father celebrated a milestone birthday. He turned 75 this year, although you would never know it to be true. My always-helpful father single-handedly carried a stand-up freezer down the stairs to my basement last year, begging my husband and I to “just let go” as we were obviously being more of a nuisance than help. I knew I had to do something extra special and since my father is an avid golfer, I knew this bag was the perfect choice.

His favourite cake is black forest and although it’s one of my go-to’s as well, it doesn’t really hold up underneath the weight of  fondant. I used my favourite chocolate cake, doused it with a healthy amount of kirsch and layered it with macerated cherries and vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream. Rich and decadent… just what I was going for.

This cake was so much fun to execute and wasn’t as difficult as I had anticipated. Anytime I get to break out the power tools, I’m a happy camper, so I consider this one a win all-around. Of course, the only thing that mattered is that the birthday boy was happy.

Seeing Red


When I found out that my nephew had decided to celebrate his birthday with a viewing of Pixar’s newest movie, Inside Out, I was stoked. Which character would he want his aunt (aka – me) to make for his cake? I was secretly hoping that it would be Anger. Not only because I have a soft spot for the heated little fellow (he reminds me so much of my youngest son), but I felt like I could have the most fun creating this one.
It was easy to create a story that would suit his demeanour. Anger was about to eat his piece of birthday cake when the plate fell, sending his delicious confection plummeting to the floor. Who couldn’t relate to something like that?
Anger is made of dark chocolate cake, filled with dark chocolate buttercream and is covered in fondant over chocolate ganache. His flames are made of wafer paper (which the kids LOVED eating).
My favourite details in this cake have to be his tie and his tweed pants. Out of all the Inside Out characters, Anger is my favourite (with Sadness and Disgust coming in a tie for second). He’s spunky, hilarious and dresses like Dwight from the Office.
If you haven’t had a chance to watch Inside Out yet, I’d highly recommend it. If you are a parent of small-ish children, bring a box of kleenex. You are going to bawl!