Lightning McQueen

Sometimes when you are given a request to create a well known, much loved cartoon character, the results can be underwhelming (just check out Cakewrecks for many humorous examples). This was the challenge I was given when I was asked to create a cake of the Disney Cars leading character, Lightning McQueen. Things got ever so slightly more arduous when the client wanted Lightning reimagined in Dinoco form. How many of you even understand what I am talking about? Having two young boys of my own, I was lucky (?) enough to have watched Cars about a million times. In fact, our DVD is so worn, it would serve better use as a coaster than a DVD.
The cake was for a fabulous little four year old boy, Elliott (who also happens to be my son), so the stakes were high with this one. Not only did I need to impress him, but also a room full of brutally honest children. I knew I had done well when one of the guests didn’t even realize it was a cake.
This was definitely one of my personal favourites and it actually came together easier than I anticipated. Thanks for the challenge Elliott. I can’t wait to hear what he picks for birthday No. 5.

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